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Persian Language Scholarship

The Persian Language Scholarship for academic year 2014-2015 is ready for students with high GPA currently studying in Persian language classes .  Persia House wishes these talented individuals the very best as they pursue their goals.  The successful recipients will be formally recognized at the annual award ceremony of the World Languages and Literatures Department of Portland State University.   Click here for the application.  Over the last six years, twelve recipients have received a total award amount of five thousand dollars. 


 Persian Culture

Persian culture traces some thousands of years from prehistoric mythic times to the present. In the course of this development from the settlement of Aryan tribes on the Iranian plateau, society developed from nomadic to settled, from religion of nature to the monotheism of Islam, and from tribal to modern representative government. The national epic chronicles the struggles of heroes from the coming of man’s use of fire and minerals, from philosophical teachings of Zoroaster, the tolerance of Cyrus and Alexander, and revival of learning. From ancient times, the concepts of Iranian morality based on triumph of good over evil and duty to right infringement of a just social order have predominated.


Events and Announcements:

Persian Community in Action

گرد هم آیی برای شعر خوانی ، جشن های نوروز، سیزده بدر، تیرگان، مهرگان، شب یلدا، سده، پیک نیک ها ی تابستانی و کلاسهای خصوصی آموزش فارسی و انگلیسی برای دوره های ابتدایی، متوسطه وعالی بوسیله استادان با تجربه دانشگاه ایالتی پرتلند، کمکهای تحصیلی، راهنمایی ایرانیان برای یافتن کار وده ها خدمت دیگر.


Shabe Yalda, Winter Solstice Celebration, a night with Persian 

Mystic Poets Hafiz and Rumi

حافظ درجشن شب یلدا

PSU Neuberger Hall
Classroom 8, 4:30 pm, Saturday, December 20

Free Admission. All are welcome. For more information call:
503-725-5214 or visit

Tea and cookies are provided. Feel free to bring your

seasonal food and snacks to share.

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گرد هم آیی برای شعر خوانی

Persian Studies Poetry Reading Class

PSU Neuberger Hall
Classroom 8, 4:30 pm, Sunday, January 4

Free Admission. All are welcome. For more information call:

503-725-5214 or visit http://www.persia.pdx.edu





Mother: A selected poem by Niloofar Azik


Sadih, Discovery of Terrestrial Light Celebration

فردوسی درجشن سده وپیدایش آتش

Location and date at PSU will be announced later.

Free Admission. All are welcome. For more information call:
503-725-5214 or visit

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جشن نوروز

Nawruz Celebration

Location and date at PSU will be announced later.
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Sizdah Beh Dar, 13th of Nawruz Picnic

April 5, OAKS Park, Area 1, free admission, all are welcome

سیزده به در

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Tirgan Celebration

آرش کمانگیر در جشن تیرگان

Persia House is pleased to invite you to the annual Tirgan Celebration.

Free  admission. All are welcome.

Location and date at PSU will be announced later.
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Mehregan Celebration
مولوی درجشن مهرگان

Annual Harvest Celebration (Mehregan) with special focus on the selected lines from the poems of Jalal al–Din Rumi 

Location and date at PSU will be announced later.

Free Admission. All are welcome. For more information call:
 503-725-5214 or visit http://www.persia.pdx.edu

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and a Journey to Iran

Farsi or Persian? Persian not Farsi


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Online Resources
Persian Scholars and Scholars in Persian Studies

Material for the following courses is available:
First Year Persian:

First Year Persian-Part 1
First Year Persian-Part 2
First Year Persian-Part 3
First Year Persian-Part 4

Part 5:
(a) Persian-English Vocabulary

(b) English-Persian Vocabulary

Second Year Persian (Under construction)
Third Year Persian (Under construction)
3rd Year Persian--Vocabulary


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